The R4 3DS is without doubt the best accessory for the Nintendo 3DS console on the market, offering both a wide range of advanced features and value for money. We offer the R4 3DS card bundled with various Micro SDHC memory cards allowing you to add files easily to your console. With support for up to 32GB of data on a single card the R4 3DS is a must have device for anyone who wishes to store and playback files on their console.

Another great feature of the R4 3DS is its support for earlier, DSi, DSi XL, DS and DS lite consoles so it really is an all round device.

The R4 3DS is actually an upgrade of the R4i SDHC, from the same development team which means you get all the experience and expertise that made the R4i SDHC such a huge success for the DSi and DSi XL consoles. The advantage of purchasing a card like the R4 3DS is that it supports the latest firmware from Nintendo, which is hugely important if you are looking to get the most from your console and ensure you can experience the very best technology on the device. With constant development work from the R4i team you can be confident that the R4 3DS is the most advanced 3DS cards on the market and will continue to work with whatever updates the Nintendo development team release.
Nintendo 3DS R4
The R4 3DS Card which is also known as the R4 3DS Flash Card, R4 SDHC Card as well as R4 SDHC 3DS Card, is one of the more recent memory cards for Nintendo gaming consoles. The R4 3DS is a successor of the R4 V2, which was a bestseller. The R4 3DS is developed on the same concept as the first R4 DS and also boasts of similar characteristics. However, the R4 3DS comes with a much higher capacity than the cards found till date.

The R4 3DS has a memory capacity of 32 GB. It is the first of its kind flash card for Nintendo devices to have such a generous memory. Given the price, the memory and the utility of the R4 3DS, it is beyond any doubt that every Nintendo owner should have one. However, it has to be borne in mind that the R4 3DS is not compatible with the Nintendo DSi and DSi XL consoles.

Comparing the R4 3DS card with the gaming cards that are available in the market for the Nintendo consoles, there is hardly anything that goes against the former. There is no comparison on the basis of price. Depending on which game card you are looking at buying, you can get the R4 3DS card at half or even less than that a price at which a typically game card would be sold. Besides, you do not have a 32 GB memory in a game card. Even if a game card was loaded with a heavy game and required a lot of space in its hardware, it would have still been inaccessible for anyone. Game cards do not offer the luxury to be used as memory cards or as any form of storage devices. The R4 3DS thus doesn’t have any of the shortcomings that a typical game card of Nintendo is plagued with.

The space of the R4 3DS memory ensures that you only need one such flash card to store all your games and movies. Even if you have the largest of games, intend to load hundreds of songs and a few dozen movies, your R4 3DS would still stand strong and have some room for more.

The convenience, price and range of utility of R4 3DS cards make it an imperative purchase for any avid Nintendo gamer.
A memory card for your 3DS card
It is important to remember that with your r4 3ds card you will need a memory card to store and playback media files, these files can include the likes of music, movies, photos and even the latest ebook releases. With each new release you will be easily able to connected your Micro SD or SDHC memory card to your pc, allowing you to transfer across any media files you wish to playback.

The R4 3DS, also known as the R4i SDHC 3DS is the ideal companion for long trips, and the ideal accessory for your Nintendo DS device.

The latest Nintendo 2DS console also works perfectly with the R4 3DS, allowing the rapid transfer of media files to and from your PC, for playback on the go. Without a doubt there is no reason why you should not consider using an R4i with your console, for the price you cannot find a more useful device on the market, as it transforms your console from being a gaming only device into a fully fledged media device, capable of playing back files such as movies, music, photos, videos and many more common file formats and types.

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Area size to receive the boosted signal

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